Golf Instruction and Player Development

Florian Kolberg

Professional Golf Coach

As a professional golf coach, my mission is to empower golfers of all skill levels to achieve their full potential on the course. I am committed to providing personalized coaching and instruction that focuses on improving technique, building confidence, and enhancing overall performance. Through my expertise in golf instruction, my goal is to help my students develop a love and passion for the game, while instilling values such as dedication, hard work, and perseverance. Ultimately, I aim to create a positive and supportive environment that fosters growth, encourages learning, and enables my students to become the best golfers they can be.

Floswing Motto

Are you looking for guidance on what to work on and have some structure in your practice schedule? We at Floswinggolf got you covered by providing a practice schedule and instructional guidance based on your Assessment results.



                         1. Hammock Creek Golf Club

                         2. 247 Indoor Golf